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Education publishers

Do you provide print or digital materials for teachers and their learners? Your materials must be both engaging and pedagogically sound because nothing is more distracting to students than finding errors in content or presentation of ideas. Do you need an educator to correctly break down and present complex concepts succinctly? Or a science educator/scientist to review your content as a subject matter expert? Whether your project involves textbooks, banks of exams, lab activities, or interactive clicker questions, I help you support teachers and students with exceptional learning materials.

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Doctoral candidates

Completing the requirements for your doctorate will likely be one of your biggest challenges. And your dissertation is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write—the culminating document of years of hard work that showcases the breadth and depth of your expertise. Tightly adhering to the guidelines prescribed by your granting institution, I comb through your writing to correct style and references formatting, restructure awkward sentences, fix verb tense, and amend passive voice when appropriate. Let your professionally polished dissertation represent you as a genuine authority in your field of study.

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No matter where you are in the writing process, I will meet you there and help you get your work to the goal while protecting your voice and serving the reader. Do you need help devising a writing plan or developing a proposal to sell your book? Still working out the flow and structure of your manuscript? Are you an expert who needs help conveying your ideas effectively? Or do you simply require some final polishing before sharing with your audience? Whatever your editorial needs, whether you are self-publishing or working with a publisher, your piece will benefit from fresh eyes and know-how for a final product that delivers.

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Your business or organization has a vision and mission, and every word you put out should flow from them. Do you need to fine-tune or standardize the voice and style applied in internal and external communications? Are you looking for writing or editing support for your blog, newsletter, or magazine? Need help creating an authoring style guide reflecting the company voice? Do you publish white papers, reports, slide presentations, or guides to communicate information to employees, members, or sponsors? Make sure your organization’s image and message are clearly reflected throughout every type of communication.

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