Individuals & Organizations

You have a vision and a mission, and the words and tone of every piece of written communication should support them.

Are you looking to fine-tune or standardize the voice and style in your messaging? Do you need writing or editing support for your blog, newsletter, or magazine? Are you searching for a copyeditor who can follow your organization’s in-house style guide to the smallest detail?

Individuals, nonprofit organizations, or for-profit businesses working or publishing in education, health care, family, environment, justice, and other areas of social relevance find a true partner in me.

How can I be of service?

“I met Dana by chance at an informal gathering. Our conversation and Dana’s interest in others were notable. Once I learned Dana was a copyeditor and developmental editor, we formed a collaboration. I consider Dana to be my official copyeditor for all my writing, which includes scriptwriting, grant writing, web page presentations, descriptions for exhibited artworks, even film credit formatting. Most recently, Dana worked on an edited volume of essays involving 25 authors, How to Respond in a Pandemic: 25 Ideas from 25 Disciplines of Study, published by Sage. Dana’s copyediting established a coherence to the many voices. And her attention to detail was essential for ensuring that footnotes and references met professional standards. Writing is difficult, and readers are impatient when things are not clear. Everyone needs careful eyes as keen as Dana’s to assess their writing and make it better.

JOAN FERRANTE, PHD, Professor of Sociology at Northern Kentucky University; Founder and Director of the Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories Project
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