Educational Publishers

You provide print or digital materials for teachers and learners—textbooks, assessment items, lessons, laboratory activities, educational websites, and more. As a licensed educator; subject matter expert; and diversity, equity, and inclusion content reviewer, I help you to maximize teaching and learning with materials that are

  • Pedagogically sound. Is content presented using the most appropriate and effective methods for teaching and learning?
  • Typo-free. Is the copy free of errors to convey a voice of authority and prevent student distraction?
  • Correct. Is an educator or subject matter expert needed to ensure that all concepts and terms are presented accurately?
  • Consistent. Are terms and formatting consistent to optimize clarity?
  • Plain. Do materials use plain language for optimal readability and comprehension?
  • Conscious. Are all individuals included and respected in their backgrounds, experiences, and identities?
  • Engaging. Does the content draw connections that make the topic interesting, relevant, and meaningful?

I have knowledge of the psychology of learning and stay abreast of the latest and greatest research-based teaching practices. More, I apply my own teacher training and experience to elevate my editing and content reviewing skills.

Let’s talk about what I can bring to your education project.

“Dana combines expert scientific knowledge and educator know-how with her extensive editing experience to craft a scientifically sound and well-written final product. She is a skilled editor who is always attentive to details, prompt with deadlines, and highly professional. Finding freelancers who are truly skilled at writing and editing and who have an authentic science background is difficult. With Dana, you get the best of both worlds.”


“I hired Dana to assist my editorial team with high school science and mathematics curricula. Danas expertise as an editor and her vast content-specific knowledge were a tremendous value to our team, and we immediately saw improvements in the materials we posted to our platform. She was versatile in a variety of style guides and approaches, and went above and beyond the work I assigned her, providing recommendations for streamlining our in-house general and STEM specific style guides, as well as offering suggestions for resources to improve our sensitivity and diversity approaches, for which she has had special training and education. She was a welcome addition to our monthly staff meetings where her laidback but direct communication style were always welcome. Her intelligence, sensitivity, humor, and responsiveness made working with her a delight, and her facility with technology and openness to learning new approaches made her an ideal hire. I recommend her without reservation; you won’t be disappointed!”

Lenore Myka, fORmer Editorial Director at Opportunity Education
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