Educational Publishers

  • DoubleInk Publishing (proofreading)
  • Game Plan Ahead Educational Resources (copyediting and proofreading)
  • Help Teaching (authoring, content creation, content editing, copyediting)
  • Macmillan Learning/Sapling Learning (authoring, content editing)

General Publishers

  • The Reading List (copyediting and proofreading)
  • Dragonfly Editorial (copyediting)
  • Polly Magazine (authoring, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading)

Nonprofit Organizations

  • National Leadership Consortium/LEAD360 Senior Leadership Organization (authoring, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading)
  • The Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories Project (copyediting)

Nonfiction Book Authors

Doctoral Dissertation Authors

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