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Training and Professional Development

  • UC Berkeley Extension. Professional Sequence in Editing (2011)
  • Courses from the Editorial Freelancers Association: Developmental Editing of Nonfiction (2019); Copyediting Fiction (2020); Introduction to Line Editing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction (2020); Advanced Copyediting (2020); Proofreading and Copyediting with The Chicago Manual of Style (2020); Foundations of Storytelling with Developmental Editors (2020); The Art of Feedback, webinar (2020); Demystifying Macros, A Beginner’s Guide, webinar (2020); Fearless Formatting in Microsoft Word, webinar (2020); How We Talk about Food and Bodies and Why It Matters, webinar (2020); Trans Allyship for Writers and Editors, webinar (2021); Science Supports Plain Language, webinar (2021)

I worked with Dana to complete my dissertation as a Doctor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies candidate. Though there were times I agonized with my writing, Dana was there as a coach and advisor, encouraging me to relax, breathe, and continue to push on. She was a sounding board, and she always ensured me that my audience would value my authentic voice. Dana’s skills and leadership qualities make her an invaluable addition to any writing project.

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